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Resident of Topsham, Maine

Education: B.S. in Art Education from the University of Maine (1987)

Solo exhibits: (2015) Brown Bag Cafe, Rockland, Maine

Group exhibits: (2015) "Joy of Art", Topsham Public Library

                             (2015) Brown Bag Cafe, Rockland, Maine

                             (2015) Johnson Hall, Gardiner, Maine

                             (2015) Yarmouth Art Festival 2015

                             (2016) "Joy of Art", Topsham Public Library

Awards: (2015) - (Juried) 1st place " Fish Series 01" Joy of Art, Topsham Public Library


I chose charcoal on paper because it is the oldest and most basic form of visual media. Drawing with charcoal seems to have lost its importance in the contemporary art world and I want to challenge that notion. I use various techniques to push the traditional boundaries of charcoal drawing. At times I will choose not to tell a complete visual story and use the ambiguity of blurred line with a minimum of background to form a sense of mystery. I believe there should always be an element of mystery in a good piece of art to entice the observer to keep coming back.

The following frames illustrate the steps taken towards a completed drawing:

Created by jeff plucker